Beauty and self-care insights on the dynamic duo of squalene and tocotrienols (STGaiaᵀᴹ) at Vitafoods Asia 2023

The beauty food market has experienced remarkable growth and gained widespread popularity worldwide, driven by economic, social, and cultural transformations.

Join us for an enlightening and informative talk at NutraFocus Slot, Vitafood Asia, as Mr. Bryan See explores how STGaiaTM (Palm Tocotrienols and Squalene) revolutionize skincare and haircare. Learn about how this synergistic complex revolutionize skincare and haircare with their unique biological activities, offering transformative benefits for radiant and healthier appearances. Don’t miss out on these skincare insights!”

          Event: Vitafoods Asia 2023

          Date: 20 September 2023

          Time: 13:00 – 13:30

          Venue: Queen Sirkit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand